What's the difference between the Certificate and a Minor?

The Computer Science minor requires at least 9 hours of upper-division courses in CS, while the Certificate in Computing does not. In essence, the Certificate in Computing represents a strong concentration in a subject area, short of a major.


Course requirements for the Certificate in Computing:


Required courses (complete ALL the courses below) Semester hours
CSCI 1100 - 1100L* Topics in computing 3
CSCI 1301* Introduction to computing and programming 4
CSCI 1302 Software development 4
CSCI 2610 Discrete mathematics for computer science 4


Elective Course (choose ONE from the list below) Semester hours
GEOG 4370 Introduction to geographic information systems 3
GEOG 4470 Geographic analysis and geographic information systems 3
ENGR 4360 Advanced topics in CAD/CAM 3
ENGR 4540 Applied machine vision 3
LING 3150 Generative syntax 3
LING 4510 Deductive systems 3
LING 4520 Model systems 3
ARTI 4510 Deductive systems 3
ARTI 4540 Symbolic processing 3
PHIL 4250 Technology and values 3
PHIL 4550 Artificial intelligence 3
CSCI 1730 Systems Programming 4
CSCI 2670 Theory of computing 4
CSCI 2720 Data structures 4

Total Semester hours

  18 - 20


* -- advanced students may substitute an appropriate computer-related course.


How to apply for the Certificate in Computing

  • Contact advising@cs.uga.edu with your name, 810 number, and planned graduation date. Please send this email from your official UGA email address
  • At the beginning of the semester in which you plan on graduating, email advising@cs.uga.edu and request certification