We encourage you to make an appointment with your academic advisor early each semester to avoid the last-minute rush!  You will register for Summer 2014 classes using OASIS. Fall 2014 classes will use the new Athena registration system (sometimes referred to as Banner).  

From this page you will be able to:


Who is my advisor?

1. DECLARED CS MAJORS - Over 60 hours

Your academic advisor is listed on Franklin College's SARA advising system. Note, if you are being advised by a CS faculty member, your advisor will not have available times listed in SARA.  Contact your advisor via email

You are an "official CS major" if you've declared yourself as a CSCI major, have approximately 60 credit hours, and have made it through the "gateway" courses: 
       CSCI 1302
       CSCI 2610
--with a grade of C or better in each of these courses.

If you are through the gateway courses and do not have a CS faculty member listed, contact Dr. Plaue at advising@cs.uga.edu (and be sure to indicate when you declared your major--typically advisor assignments are done at the beginning of each semester).

Please note, you will not be able to schedule an appointment via SARA with your CSCI faculty advisor. Please email your faculty advisor for an appointment.

2. DECLARED MAJORS - under 60 hours  

Freshmen and sophomores (under 60 hrs.) that are not honors students: you are advised by an academic advisor in Franklin College.  You are able to schedule an advising appointment using SARA.


If you are thinking of changing your major to CS and have questions, please visit Dr. Plaue's walk in advising hours. Note, Dr. Plaue is unable to clear you to register for classes until you have changed your major to computer science.


How does departmental advising work?

Each semester you will be notified via email when the Department is ready to advise you. Therefore, please make sure your official UGA email address is on the cs-major Listserv. If not, please contact Dr. Plaue. It is your responsibility to set up an appointment with your departmental advisor. Typically, email is the most efficient method for contacting your advisor.

Please set up your appointment as early as possible, so that you can be cleared to register before your scheduled registration time. You can find your registration time on OASIS.

Before your advising appointment, you may check your overall degree progress on DegreeWorks. DegreeWorks only has degree progress for students who began their studies in Fall 2008 or later. CS students may also check our old departmental degree progress worksheet. If there is anything on this sheet that you don't understand or disagree with, please see Dr. Chris Plaue to reconcile the worksheet before you visit your advisor. It is a good idea to print out the worksheet and pencil in the courses you might want to take.


For all advising appointments, it's best if you spend some time thinking about what classes you need and want to take BEFORE you meet with your advisor. For example, electives are not offered every semester. It is also important to spend time discussing long-term career goals with your advisor during the advising slot.

After your advising appointment, Dr. Plaue will clear you for registration. If you are late to register, you may hand-carry your registration form to Dr. Plaue's office, room 217 Boyd.


How do I prepare for graduation?

Graduation check: This is the procedure to guarantee that you will graduate if you successfully complete your courses. This is typically the semester before you expect to graduate.

When? As soon as you have chosen all the Computer Science classes you will use to fulfill your major requirements.

Graduation Date: You might receive a notice from the University telling you to get a graduation check, before you are ready. This notice is triggered by your expected graduation date stored in the University's records. If you find that your expected graduation date is no longer realistic, log on to OASIS and use the Check Degree Program/Graduation option to change your expected graduation date.

First stop: CS Department: E-mail advising@cs.uga.edu to tell Chris Plaue that you are ready to graduate. If you have completed or are on track to complete the degree requirements, Dr. Plaue will let you know and you can go on to the next step. If there are any special substitutions in your case, Dr. Plaue will write a letter that will certify that your courses meet departmental degree requirements.

Second stop: Franklin College:  Mr. Greg Kline is your Graduation Certification Officer in Franklin College.  You may email him at gkline@uga.edu or call 706-542-1522 and and request an e-grad check. He will send you a confirmation by e-mail listing the requirements/courses that you have to satisfy in order to graduate. Keep this confirmation until you graduate.

Check the Franklin College Graduation Certification Office web site for additional information on graduation.


Links To Useful Advising Related Sites


CS Dept. Help Sessions/Tutoring Services

Academic assistance homepage - free tutoring available through Academic Assistance

MATH 2250 and MATH 2260:  Math Dept. offers help sessions - go to the Math Dept. of 4th floor, GSRC and ask for the schedule. It is usually also on the bulletin board near 217 Boyd. Math tutoring is also available through Academic Assistance.