For students matriculated prior to 2012

The Bachelor of Science degree provides a strong foundation in Computer Science theory and practice, plus a wide-ranging liberal arts education. BS graduates in CS pursue carreers in software development, systems administration, consulting, or project management. In addition, many UGA BS/CS graduates enter graduate study at good universities throughout the country.


BS Degree Requirements

BS degree students must satisfy four types of requirements:

  • UGA Core Curriculum requirements, required of all University System students;
  • Computer Science Department Requirements;
  • Franklin College requirements, required of all students in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia; and
  • Additional University-wide requirements.

UGA Core Curriculum Requirements

The UGA Core Curriculum prescribes competency in five academic areas:

  • Area I: Foundational Courses (9 hours)
  • Area II: Sciences (7-8 hours)
  • Area III: Quantitative Reasoning (3-4 hours)
  • Area IV: World Languages, Culture and Humanities
  • Area V: Social Sciences

A sixth Core Curriculum area, Area VI, consists of courses specific to the major (see below). A complete list of courses satisfying the Core Curriculum requirements can be found in the UGA online bulletin.


Computer Science Department Requirements

All computer science department requirements must be completed with a "C" or better.

Area F Requirements for Computer Science

Course No. Course Title Prerequisites
CSCI 1302 Software Development

CSCI 1301

CSCI 2670 Theory of Computation CSCI 2610
CSCI 2720 Data Structures CSCI 1302, CSCI 1730
MATH 2260 Calculus II MATH 2250


Major Requirements for Computer Science

Requirement Courses Satisfying this Requirement
Computer Architecture CSCI 4720, Computer Architecture
Application Design CSCI 4050, Software Engineering
CSCI 4370, Database Management
(choose one of the above two courses)
Systems Design CSCI 4570, Compilers
CSCI 4730, Operating Systems
CSCI 4760, Computer Networks
(Choose one of the above three courses)
Major Electives Any CSCI 4000-level course
Any MATH upper-division course except MATH 4850
(choose courses adding up to at least 12 credit hours, including at most 4 hours of MATH courses)


New! Area of Emphasis Computer Science majors may now declare an area of emphasis. This will give your degree more structure and help you in presenting your qualifications to potential employers.


Franklin College Requirements

Many of the Franklin College requirements can be met by courses that also satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements:

Franklin College Requirements

Requirement Typical Courses to Satisfy this Requirment
Foreign Language French, Spanish, Japanese, Swahili
Literature English literature; comparative literature
Fine Arts/Philosophy/Religion Art, music, drama, philosophy, religion

American history; world history

Social Sciences Economics, Political Science, Sociology
Physical Sciences Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Geology
Biological Sciences Biology, Ecology
Cultural Diversity African-American studies, multicultural literature


Additional University-wide Requirements

39-hour rule: Students must complete at least 39 hours of upper-division classes classes numbered 3000 and above). The Computer Science major requirements include 24 hours of upper-division classes. Students must take an additional 15 hours of upper division courses as part of their elective courses.

The University imposes several other miscellaneous requirements, listed in the UGA online bulletin. With proper planning, these requirements can be satisfied by the same courses used to satisfy the requirements listed above.

Academic Advising

The professional advisors at the Franklin College, and your CS faculty advisor, will help you navigate this maze of requirements and achieve a timely graduation. See our Undergraduate Advising page for details on the advising process.