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Last updated on 05/29/2018.

1. How do I get my account information for my Computer Science Department account?

Typically, new account information is available during the first week of the semester. Class rolls are downloaded from the Registrar's office and the account generation script is run before classes begin. Subsequent run are made every other day during drop/add. Account information slips are at the Help Desk in the 307 lab. You must present a picture ID when obtaining account information slips.


2. I went to the Help Desk in room 307 but they didn't have an account slip for me. Why?

We generate accounts based on the official roll file we download from the Registrar's office. This file contains all of the students currently enrolled in a CSCI course. If you were ever enrolled in a CSCI course, other than CSCI 1100, CSCI 1301, or CSCI 1210, then an account was created for you whether or not you ever picked up the account slip or dropped the course. Therefore, when you registered in another CSCI course, your account expiration date was reset for the pre-existing account and no new account information slip was generated. The lab attendant should be able to look up your name and then submit a password reset request for this account. The new password information slip will be at the Help Desk no later than the next business day.


3. Why can't I login to the departmental fileservers? What is wrong?

This problem usually arises from one of two reasons your account has expired or you have forgotten your password.

All user accounts have expiration dates associated with them. The expiration date is initially set when the account is generated and is reset when the account generation script is run at the beginning of each subsequent semester that you are enrolled in a CSCI course. The expiration date is set to allow you to keep access to your account between semesters. If you do not enroll in a CSCI account in the following semester, your expiration date will not be reset and your account will expire. Please note: Your account will expire, it is not deleted! When you register for another CSCI course, your expiration date will be reset and your home directory will be intact.  

If you have forgotten your password, stop by the Help Desk in the 307 lab and ask the attendant to submit a password reset request. The new password information will be at the Help Desk within the next business day.


4. Why does the department have expiration dates on user accounts?

The department has a limited amount of resources for students enrolled in CSCI courses.


5. I have accidentally deleted some files/directories that I need for course work. Are the fileservers backed up on tape so I can get my files/directories back?

All departmental fileservers are backed up daily(level 5), weekly(level 3) and monthly(level 0). We will need to know the name of the file(s) and directory location along with the date the file(s) were last modified in order to know which backup tape to use. Request for file/directory restoration from tape should be your last recourse. Therefore, you should have a personal backup plan that stores mission critical files on another location or on a personal storage device.


6. How can I connect to the department fileservers from home?

For security reason, only ssh sessions are allowed into any departmental fileservers. There are many free ssh clients available off the web. Do a google search for putty.exe for a small, easy to use ssh client. At one time, the department had a site license for the non-commercial version of a very nice ssh client and a secure ftp client from 


7. How do I move/copy files from one computer to another since the ftp service is not active?

For security reasons, ftp is not active on either of the departmental fileservers. You can use winscp to move or copy files. Winscp is available free off the web at


8. I am a graduate student in the Computer Science Department. Yet, when I got my new account information slip, it shows that my home directory is in the /temps filesystem. How do I get upgraded to grads status?

All new student accounts are created within the /temps filesystem. System Support will obtain a list of all new graduate students and those students on the list will be upgraded into the /grads filesystem.


9. I am a graduate student. How do I get after hours access to the 307 lab and access to the 201 and 307a labs for TA assignments?

The 201,307 and 307A labs have access controlled by a security system that only allows access to those individuals with a registered UGA prox ID card. You must obtain a UGA prox ID card at the Tate Center. Then stop by room 206 GSRC to register your prox card and we will enter your card into the system for the labs you need access to.


10. How do I create a personal web page on the departmental web server?

First, you must have a symbolic link in your home directory for public_html that starts a series of automounts of filesystems on atlas and webster, the departmental web server. Each user should have the following symbolic link in their home directory.


            public_html-> /web/<your login name>/public_html


This symbolic link was created when you account was initially setup. If it has been deleted, you can re-establish it by issuing the following command while in home directory.


            ln –s /web/<your login name>/public_html public_html


Then do an ls –la public_html to make sure it was created.


Finally, the web server is set up by default to look for your home page as the file index.html. This file must be located inside the public_html directory.


11. What permissions do I need to have for my web page so the world can see it?

Your web page needs permissions set to 755. To change permissions for your public_html file, issue the following command while inside your public_html directory.


chmod 755 index.hml


12. Does System Support also maintain and administer research lab servers and workstations?

No. We provide technical support during the initial setup along with the CD's for whichever operating systems and application software that were requested. Problems with research workstation and servers should be directed to either the research lab directory or the designated lab supervisor.


13. I'm having problems with the PAWS wireless network. Who do I contact for help?

The PAWS wireless network is maintained by the EITS group, not the department's system support group. You can either call the help desk at 706-542-3106 or send and email to


14. My password was reset. Can you tell me the new password over the phone or by email?

You must present a picture ID in order to get any reset password or account information. This is a departmental security policy.


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