Md. Redwan Islam
PhD Student, Department of Computer Science

Basic Information

Boyd 307
Office Hours:
Wednesday 10am - 12pm (Fall 2019)
Selected Publications:
  1. M. R. Islam, U. Fatema, M. I. H. Bhuiyan and S. K. Bashar, "Classification of electrocorticography based motor imagery movements using continuous wavelet transform," 2016 IEEE Students’ Technology Symposium (TechSym), Kharagpur, 2016, pp. 13-17.

I am Md. Redwan Islam. I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science. I worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the department of computer science this summer. Prior to that, I was working as a Research Assistant in the department.

I completed my B.Sc. in Electronics and electrical engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. During my undergraduate studies I published a conference paper entitled 'Classification of Electrocorticography based Motor Imagery signal using Continuous Wavelet Transform' in IEEE TechSym 2016. After that, I joined in DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited, as a Trainee Software Developer in IoT. Later, I worked in Spectra International Limited as a Satellite Operation Engineer, where I got the opportunity to work as a subcontracting computer and data center engineer in the Bangabandhu Satellite Project of Thales Alenia Space, France. The project was the first geostationary communication satellite of Bangladesh and I oversaw installation and maintenance of servers, computers and the application software, switches, routers and other network devices.


Research Interests:

I am interested to work in Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Deep Learning, Neuromorphic Computing, Big Data. 

  • B.Sc. in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technoloy
    • Major in Communication, Minor in Electronics
    • Undergraduate Thesis Topic: ECoG and EEG signal classification for Brain Computer Interfacin
Of note:

Skills and Abilities

  • EMBEDDED SYSTEM: Atmel Studio 7, Intel Edison, Arduino, Keil, Emu 8086
  • PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: C, C++, C#,Python, MATLAB, Simulink, Verilog HDL, System Verilog, 8086 Assembly, 8051 Assembly, Processing 3, Scala, Bootstrap, Java, Android, Swift, R, Visual Basic, Shell script
  • WEB TECHNOLOGIES: HTML, CSS, javascript, jquery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Node.js,  Codrops, MongoDB
  • DATACENTER H/W, S/W: Dell Poweredge R430, WYSE 3010, WYSE 3040, Azure, AWS
  • GRAPHICS DESIGN: AutoCAD, VrealM Builder, SketchUp, SVG,
  • OTHER COMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access, LaTeX, Unity, Wireshark, ModelIO, Wordpress, VMWare, Docker, Android Studio, SPSS, Laravel, DataBase Management, Anaconda, Cordova, Linux CentOS and RedHat, Cadence Tools
  • Language Skills: Expert in written and verbal communication in both English and Bengali.


Academic Projects

  • ‘’Greenhouse Installation’’ in University of Georgia Research facility.
  • ‘’Caferteria Ordering System’’ as a part of Software Engineering course in UGA
  • ‘’Graphic Transformation Demo Tool’’ as a part of Computer Graphics course in UGA
  • ‘’Custom TraceRoute’’ as a part of Computer Network course in UGA.
  • "Braille to Text Decoder" in "Digital Electronics Laboratory" in BUET
  • "Speed Control of a DC Motor Deployed on a Smart Car" in "Control System Laboratory" in BUET
  • "Design of 4 bit ALU with shifter using Cadence Virtuoso Design Environment" and "Design and Layout of a 3 input XOR gate using Cadence Virtuoso Design Environment with minimum Area and propagation delay" in "VLSI I Laboratory" in BUET
  • "Top down and Bottom Up design of an n-bit general purpose shift register using Cadence Encounter RTL & Cadence Virtuoso Design Environment" in "VLSI II Laboratory" in BUET
  • "Infrared Emitter-Detector and Arduino based low cost Heart Rate Monitor" in "Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory" in BUET
  • "Complete Fittings and Fixtures Layout, Conduit Layout, Switch-Board Connection Diagram, Distribution Board Connection Diagram of a Two- Story Residential Building." in "Electrical Services Design" in BUET
  • "Calculation of Transmission Line Parameters of a Given Transmission Line" in "Power System I Laboratory" in BUET.