On Friday, April 9, the CS Department will hold a Research Day in the Tate Reception Hall from 12-3 pm. 

Poster Presentations

Poster Abstracts


Demo Abstracts


Best Poster

1. Xia Qu - Modeling Recursive Reasoning by Humans Using Empirically Informed Interactive POMDPs (24 votes)

2. Aryabrata Basu - Field Valid Probability Assessment in Uncertain and Multiagent Settings (18 votes)

3. Gurinder Gosal - ProKinO: Design and Development of Ontology on Protein Kinases (14 votes)

Best Demo

1. Anousha Mesbah - Localization in Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems (22 votes)

2. Ekhlas Sonu - GaTAC: A Scalable and Realistic Testbed for Multiagent Decision Making (21 votes)

3. (tie) 

  • Amir Asiaee - Semantics and Services Enabled Problem-Solving Environment for T. cruzi (14 votes)
  • Uthayasanker Thayasivam - On the Utility of WordNet for Ontology Alignment (14 votes)