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Undergraduate Advising

 We encourage you to make an appointment with your academic advisor early each semester to avoid the last minute rush!  During fall semesters, advising appointments begin in August.  During spring semesters, advising appointments begin in January.  You will need an advising appointment every semester (except summer) in order to have your academic advising holds cleared in Athena.  

From this page you will be able to:


Who is my advisor?


Your academic advisor will be listed in SAGE as your “Primary Advisor” and will have an office location in Boyd Graduate Research Building.  

You will be able to view their calendar and schedule an advising appointment through SAGE

You will be advised in the CS department if you’ve declared yourself as a CSCI major, have 60 or more credit hours, and have successfully completed the following courses with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better:

CSCI 1302
CSCI 2610
CSCI 1730


If you have not met the departmental criteria above, your “Primary Advisor” in SAGE will be located in Franklin College’s main advising office, the Office of Academic Advising in 301 Brooks Hall.  Lower-division advising involves choosing courses to complete the UGA core, as well as selecting the appropriate sequence of introductory classes for a student’s major.  Once you’ve progressed further in the major, you will be sent to the department for advising. 


If you recently added the Computer Science major, or you are a current student who hasn’t been assigned a “Primary Advisor,” for Computer Science, please contact our main advising office for assistance at 706-542-1412.


If you have not declared a major, you will be advised by the Exploratory Center in 104 Caldwell Hall, 706-713-2759.

How does departmental advising work?

Each semester you are responsible for scheduling your advising appointment through SAGE.  Typically you will receive an e-mail from your advisor once appointments have become available, so be sure to check your UGA e-mail address frequently. 

Please set up your appointment as early as possible to avoid missing your ticketed registration time.  You are required to meet at least once a semester (excluding summer).  To prepare for your appointment, review your degree audit in DegreeWorks and spend some time thinking about what classes you want to take, as well as any questions you want to address before your meeting.  Advising is meant to be a collaborative experience and each successive appointment should build upon the last!

What if I have more questions after advising?

Your advisor will also have weekly Walk-In availability listed in SAGE.  These are for quick questions, signing forms, career questions, and follow-ups.  Note: Walk-ins will not take the place of formal advising and no registration holds will be cleared during this time.  

How do I prepare for graduation?

Everything you need to know to get ready for graduation and the Graduation Certification Office can be found here:

CS Dept. Help Sessions/Tutoring Services

Book an appointment online through the Division of Academic Enhancement:

Tutoring is free (included in student fee)! 

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