Biology is increasingly considered to be a data-intensive discipline, replacing earlier hypothesis-driven and lab oriented approaches.  A large mass of experimental data (e.g., genomic data at sequencing center, proteomic and glycomics data generated using high throughput experiments) is being generated by the academic and commercial institutions. Computational and informatics approaches are needed to identify features in the DNA sequences, to suggest hypotheses as to the function of specific sequences, or to develop new pathways. The research in bioinformatics by the computer science community at UGA mainly involves algorithms; models; visualization; data integrations; information systems (including mining and knowledge discovery); and high performance computing for computational problems in biology through collaborations with biologists.  Researchers at computer science depeartment are significant parts of several large centers and multidisciplinary projects.

In the health informatics area, we are doing leading edge research to support Electronic Medical Records and improved quality of care, by addressing the technical issues of information integration and protocol (clinical pathway) support, using Semantic Web and database management approaches.